About us

Zoho Global is a big player in the import and export Business and we have spent a long time building relationships with our shipping companies who send our products by sea and by air to most of the countries in the world.

Our main skills are that we can introduce your product to retailers in global markets as well as different selling platforms.

Products that we are dealing with now include Home and Kitchen wares, Clothing, Shoes, Electronics, Garden Equipment, Automotive, Health Products and Toys.

We are Buyers
We source many of our own products which are manufactured in several countries like India, China, USA, UK and Australia. We have special training, techniques and programs which can eliminate nearly all the risk in bringing our new products to market. We have our links, in all the countries to check our product at every process of manufacturing and packaging so as to ensure the best quality.

Our Investors

We have several silent investors who just want to have a better return on their money than they would get from any other unpredictable areas within the marketplace. When we are using investor’s money we are treating it as our own and we do our best to keep those relationships. If you would like to invest with us then please make contact with us.


We send our products to their destination in the fastest and most cost effective way possible and by sometimes working with companies that are trained professionally to deal with our shipments.
If shipments are small enough (typically under half a pallet in size depending on weight) they can be sent by one of our express methods which can be using companies such as –
FedEx, UOS, DHL and TNT.
If they are a larger shipment we may use freight forwarding companies which are set up at the closest ports to where the shipment is been sent from. In most cases they will sort the customs clearance, GST charges, vat charges, taxes,& all the paper work need to be done to deliver it to the final Destination.