We have alliances with several shipping companies. These are all tailored to give the best services against cost and can include freight forwarding by sea and express delivery by air. We can organize any size shipment to and from any country in the world.




We love to build relationships with our manufacturers; if we deem that your products will be successful in our markets then we literally arrange everything form the shipping, taxes, duty, customs checks and costs and of course delivery to our clients warehouses. We also have an in-house marketing team which will do all the design and advertising work needed to make your product popular. As a manufacturer, all you have to do is concentrate on what you can do best i.e. manufacturing & Packaging the products and be able to meet our customer demands.



Customer First
We are experts at what we do. If you are a manufacturer, we can research your product for selling on different platforms in several countries giving you the best chance to maximize sales. If you are a retail shop looking for specific products we can source the best quality product for you through our suppliers in major cities around the world.
We only source products that have passed the necessary certifications. Our Quality Control team checks all products by hand, making sure they meet the specifications desired by our clients.